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Professor Mike Clark Award

One of the aims of the Solent Forum is to further our understanding of the natural and human environment of the Solent.  To assist this aim the Forum has an Award scheme where funding is available to help support dissertation projects undertaken by both undergraduate and graduate students. The Award is named in honour of Professor Mike Clark, the second chairman of the Forum.

The next round of funding will be made available in Spring 2020. Please follow the Solent Forum's twitter account for dates @solent_forum. View the application flyer and application form.

Successful past projects include the following.

Awards for 2019

Award for 2018

Awards for 2017

Awards for 2016


All students, irrespective of institution, may apply for a bursary as long as they meet the application form criteria. The geographical area covered by the dissertation must coincide, either totally or partially, with the Solent Forum study boundary, including the Isle of Wight. The project must also be on a coastal topic or theme for work that has yet to be undertaken.

Funding provided

The fund will help meet essential travel and research expenses that have been incurred by the applicant. The award is not intended to pay for printing or binding costs, nor for hardware such as laptops. There will be a limit of £200 per project, payable on receipt of the final dissertation.  Evidence will need to be provided before payment including receipts, and mileage for any travel expenses. It is likely that successful projects will also receive advice and support from relevant local stakeholders, the Solent Forum can help with contacts. 


Students who are interested will be asked to fill in the relevant application form, which will help provide information on their project and the likely costs involved.  A group of academics and Solent Forum members will then meet to discuss the proposals and decide which ones should be granted funding. 


For those who are successful in their application, a condition of the funding will be that the Solent Forum is to receive copy of the finished dissertation.  This copy will be made available to Forum members on request at the Solent Forum Office.  Upon receipt of the finished dissertation and notification of expenses the Award will be paid.  Award recipients will be invited to present their findings at a Solent Forum members' meeting but at their own cost. 


The call for submissions takes place in February to the Solent's academic institutions.  A decision will be made shortly after that with regards to which projects have been successful and the students will be informed before their summer break.