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» MPA Regulatory Notice Byelaw - 21/6/16...

» Marine conservation advice for Special Area of Conservation: Solent Maritime - 17/5/16...

» Harmony of the Seas comes to Southampton - 17/5/16...

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» Solent Forum - 5/10/16...

» Solent Matters: Past, Present and Future - 10/5/17...

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Welcome to the Solent Forum

Since 1992, the Solent Forum has provided a platform to deliver Integrated Coastal Zone Management in the Solent sub-region of the South East. It operates at a strategic coastal management level, providing a network for closer working relationships, information dissemination and discussion of topical coastal issues.

This website contains information on the nature and work of the Solent Forum. From it you can find details of the Forum's members, learn about the Forum's current work and view news and events from around the Solent and the UK. You can also download our bi-annual newsletter. Our Directories provide useful information on who's who around the Solent and sources of information on coastal matters.

For more information on how to become a member, please request an application form.

Please visit the Forum's sister site, Solentpedia, for information on the Solent, its people, economy and environment.

Latest News from the Forum

  • The next issue of Solent News will be distributed in July 2016.
  • Four applications for the Solent Forum Professor Mike Clark Award have been received; the results were announced in June.
  • The SEMS Annual Monitoring survey for 2016 has now closed; the responses will be analysed over the summer and reports produced.
  • A short survey of the views of the SEMS Management Group on the SEMS Management Scheme has just been completed; the results are being analysed.
  • The Natural Environment Group met on 21 April and allocated funding for project bids for the forthcoming year. The group will contribute funding for studies on the effects of microplastic water pollution on the flat oyster, an update to the Solent Brent Goose and Wader Roost strategy and the Chichester Harbour small fish survey.