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The Solent provides opportunities for both beach and boat fishing.  The Solent Fishing Guide provides advice to anglers on all aspects of fishing around this coast.  It also provides details of local angling clubs.

The Angling Trust is the single organisation that represents all game, coarse and sea anglers and angling in England. The formation of the Trust forms a single body to take cohesive action to represent the sport.  It provides information about how to begin participating in sea angling.

In 2012, sea anglers in England were asked what fish they catch and what they return in the biggest ever survey of the sport in England.  The survey, Sea Angling 2012, aimed to find out how many people enjoy the sport, how much fish they catch, what is returned alive, and how important the sport is to the country’s economy.  European legislation requires EU Member States to collect and report data on recreational catches of certain species – including bass, cod and sharks – where it is needed to give a clearer picture of how fishing activities are affecting the stocks. Findings from the survey can be found at Working together sea anglers, Defra and the IFCAs can use the data to improve fish stocks.