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Litter Picking Equipment and Education Packs

Litter collecting at Southsea
Litter collecting at Southsea

Keep Britain Tidy offer a selection of litter picking equipment in their online shop. If you are a local authority or landowner, you can also download free anti-litter resources from

The Environment Agency's Plastics Team have put together waste reduction kits as part of the Preventing Plastic Pollution Project. They can send some kits to inspire positive behaviour change, and are a great visual ‘conversation starter’ for your outreach and engagement, which could be a stall, going to a school, or attending an event. For details, email:

Litter Free Dorset have a Resource Hub, which is an online library where you will find a wide range of various resources, all relevant to litter. They also have a range of educational materials for both adults and schools.

The Preventing Plastic Pollution Project (PPP) have some great resources to use for your litter survey event:

You will also need:

You may be able to borrow litter picking equipment from the local council or a community clean up hub.

The litter collected should be disposed of properly following any regional or national regulations. Please make sure you have made prior arrangements for the litter to be collected and disposed of. Ideally this should be on the same day as the survey event. Contact your local authority waste department for guidance.

When you leave the waste out for collection, you must ensure that you are not blocking any access points or public footpaths.

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