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Local Nature Recovery Strategy: Solent marine and coast

What are Local Nature Recovery Strategies (LNRS)?

Responsible Authorities have been appointed by Defra to develop Local Nature Recovery Strategies (LNRS); this includes Hampshire County Council (responsible for Hampshire including Southampton and Portsmouth) and the Isle of Wight Council.

Introduced by the Environment Act 2021, LNRS’ are a new system of plans for nature recovery covering the whole of England. They are a key mechanism for planning and delivering the National Nature Recovery Network and will consist of:

It is anticipated that the first LNRS’ will be produced early 2024 and may be reviewed every three years thereafter.

Under the LNRS framework there is an opportunity to develop site specific strategies that reflect a particular geographical area or set of circumstances. In the Solent, the Responsible Authorities have taken the view that they wish to develop a ‘LNRS Solent Marine and Coast’ to ensure that nature recovery for this aspect is embedded into the wider framework. Responsible Authorities have jurisdiction down to MLW so already have a statutory due to cover the intertidal. It is anticipated that the Solent work will also feed into neighbouring LNRS’ including Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole and West Sussex.

A Partnership to develop LNRS Solent Marine and Coast

A partnership, coordinated by the Solent Forum, has been formed to help develop LNRS Solent Marine and Coast.

This partnership will build on previous work undertaken to scope the strategic direction of Solent marine and coastal nature recovery.

One of the first tasks of this partnership is to deliver a stakeholder engagement workshop to help draft the first iteration of the Strategy.

The Solent Seascape Project is key to developing successful long term nature recovery in the Solent

The Solent Seascape Project is a partnership aiming to reconnect the Solent into a functioning and productive ecosystem for people, nature, and climate. It will bring together local stakeholders to develop and co-create a long-term seascape recovery plan that supports better management of existing Solent marine and coastal habitats. This piece of work will take place over the next few years.  It will form an integral part of LNRS Solent Marine and Coast in the longer term, contributing to local priorities and delivering opportunities to improve nature.

Stakeholder Engagement Workshop to develop LNRS Solent Marine and Coast

Engagement with local communities and stakeholders is a vital part of the process for successful nature recovery. The Responsible Authorities will be undertaking a series of workshops over the coming months on a wide range of themes with key stakeholders, landowners, and community groups. One of these will be a Solent workshop on 16 January 2024 to cover coast and marine.

It is anticipated that the Solent workshop will: