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Biosecurity Workshops

Trumpet Tube-worm. © Christine Wood, MBA
Trumpet Tube-worm. © Christine Wood, MBA

The Solent Forum, APEM Ltd, Natural England the Marine Biological Association are hosting three free workshops in the Solent on biosecurity planning. They will assist commercial and recreational operators and stakeholders to understand current and future key invasive species to watch out for in the Solent, and explore how to develop biosecurity measures (actions to take in order to reduce the spread of invasive species) to manage them. For the discussion part of the workshop we would value the experience and input of those organisations and businesses who move, manage and maintain both vessels and waterside infrastructure in the Solent.

The workshops (booking essential) will be held on:

The core content of the workshops will be similar so please feel free to join any of them if you cannot make the date of your closest one.

Format of the Workshop

Theme: Taking action against harmful marine invasive species to protect The Solent

A sandwich lunch will be available before the meeting in Portsmouth and after the meetings on the Isle of Wight and Southampton.


If you would like to attend one of the workshops, please could you email your details to, or book using our online form. Please let us know if you would like lunch. If there are any specific issues you would like covered in these workshops on marine invasive species or biosecurity measures, please could you let us know when you book.

Future Work

Later in 2023, we will be hosting a second set of workshops that will be held online. These will present our findings on marine invasives from the first set of workshops and introduce the resources that have been developed to help people in the Solent identify and manage them.

Can't attend but still want to be involved?

If you can't attend the in person workshop but would still like to be involved, and have the option to join the online workshops later in the year, then please email us your details or fill in our online form and we will keep you posted.

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