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Region Title Datacentre Holder Completed
EnglandNutrient Neutrality: A summary guide and frequently asked questions (NE776)Published 2022.
Solent Advice on achieving nutrient neutrality for new development in the Solent: Guide for Local Planning AuthoritiesPublished 2019.
Solent Solent Nutrient Market Pilot
Solent Solent Nutrient Trading Pilot Project: DEFRA, Natural England and Partnership for South HampshireOngoing
UKSafer Seas ServiceOngoing online resource.
EuropeWISE Marine Indicator Catalogue (MFSD)Ongoing.
Solent Solent greywater: with special reference to Bembridge Harbour and the issue of houseboatsArtecologyPublished 2021.
EnglandNutrient pollution: reducing the impact on protected sitesDepartment for Environment Food & Rural AffairsPublished 2022.
UKDefra Bathing Water PagesDepartment for Environment Food & Rural AffairsOnline web resource.
UKWater Framework Directive assessment: estuarine and coastal watersDepartment for Environment Food & Rural AffairsPublished 2016.
EnglandNitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZ)Environment AgencyOngoing.
Isle of WightNewtown Harbour, Medina Estuary, and Eastern Yar (Bembridge Harbour) - Nitrate vulnerable zone (NVZ) designation 2017 – Eutrophic WatersEnvironment AgencyPublished 2016.
Solent Portsmouth Harbour, Langstone Harbour and Chichester Harbour - Nitrate vulnerable zone (NVZ) designation 2017 – Eutrophic Waters (Estuaries and Coastal Waters)Environment AgencyPublished 2016.
Solent Valuing the Solent Marine Sites Habitats and Species: A Natural Capital Study of Benthic Ecosystem Services and how they Contribute to Water Quality Regulation. Environment AgencyPublished 2020.
UKCatchment Data Explorer Environment AgencyOngoing.
Isle of WightMedina Estuary – Water Quality (nutrients - nitrogen): Briefing NoteEnvironment AgencyPublished 2019.
Hamble EstuaryNitrate vulnerable zone (NVZ) designation 2017 – Eutrophic Waters (Estuaries and Coastal Waters) - Hamble EstuaryEnvironment AgencyPublished 2016.
EnglandWater Framework Directive risk assessmentEnvironment AgencyComplete.
UKBathing Water Quality ProfilesEnvironment AgencyAnnual monitoring
UKAlgal blooms: advice for the public and landownersEnvironment AgencyOngoing advice.
UKWater quality data archiveEnvironment AgencyOngoing
SoutheastSouth East river basin district river basin management plan: updated 2022Environment AgencyUpdated 2022.
Solent Solent Catchment Data ExplorerEnvironment AgencyOngoing.
EnglandSwimfo: Find a bathing waterEnvironment AgencyAnnual update.
Solent Solent Water Body: Catchment data explorerEnvironment AgencyOngoing
Solent Overview of Solent Eutrophication and RecoveryEnvironment AgencyPublished 2020
EnglandRivers Basin Management Plans MappingEnvironment AgencyOngoing
UKThe Good Beach GuideMarine Conservation SocietyOngoing online resource.
SoutheastEvidence Supporting the Use of Environmental Remediation to Improve Water Quality in the South Marine Plan Areas: MMO Project No: 1105Marine Management OrganisationPublished 2016.
Isle of WightIsle of Wight Catchment Management PlanNatural EnterprisePublished 2019.
Solent Solent Water Quality AwardsSolent ForumAnnual award.
Solent Pollution Incident Reduction Plan (PIRP) - Southern WaterSouthern WaterPublished 2020.
Solent Bathing Water enhancement programmeSouthern WaterOngoing online resource.
SoutheastUnflushables CampaignSouthern WaterOngoing.
SoutheastSouthern Water BeachbuoySouthern WaterOngoing.
Isle of WightThe Solent - Isle of Wight pathfinder projectSouthern WaterOngoing to 2025.
SoutheastSouthern Water Bathing ResultsSouthern WaterPublished 2022.
Solent The Rapid Reduction of Nutrients in Transitional Waters (RaNTrans)University of Portsmouth