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Results for topic: "Marine Planning".

Region Title Datacentre Holder Completed
UKUK Marine Policy StatementDepartment for Environment Food & Rural AffairsCompleted 2011.
EnglandFast-track and accelerated licensingMarine Management OrganisationPublished 2016.
UKMaximising the socio-economic benefits of marine planning for English coastal communitiesMarine Management Organisation2011
UKScoping of a robust approach to the assessment of coexistence of activities in marine plan areas Marine Management OrganisationApril 2014.
SoutheastSeascape assessment for the South inshore and offshore marine plans (MMO 1037)Marine Management OrganisationComplete June 2014.
UKMarine planning: a guide for local councilsMarine Management OrganisationComplete 2016.
EnglandMarine Planning and Development GuidanceMarine Management OrganisationPublished 2014.
UKStrategic Scoping Report for marine planning in EnglandMarine Management OrganisationAugust 2013.
UKSocial impacts and interactions between marine sectors (MMO 1060)Marine Management Organisation2014.
EnglandMarine licensing: A guide for Local Planning Authorities (LPAs)Marine Management OrganisationOct 2017.
SoutheastThe South Marine PlansMarine Management OrganisationAdopted July 2018.
UKMarine planning: A guide for local authoritiesMarine Management OrganisationComplete 2014.
UKMarine Plan - user guideMarine Management OrganisationComplete 2015.
EnglandApproaches for monitoring the impact of marine plansMarine Management OrganisationPublished 2016.
UKEcosystem Approach in Marine PlanningMarine Management OrganisationCompleted Feb 2015.
SoutheastSouth Plans Analytical ReportMarine Management OrganisationComplete June 2014.
UKScoping of a robust strategic assessment tool for co-existence of activities in marine plan areas (MMO 1049)Marine Management OrganisationComplete April 2014.
UKMarine Information SystemMarine Management OrganisationLaunched in 2016
UKMarine and Coastal Consents Guide: Edition 4Solent ForumComplete 2012.