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Region Title Datacentre Holder Completed
Solent About the Birds: Overview of the birds found in the SolentBird Aware SolentOngoing.
UKThe Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS)British Trust for OrnithologyOngoing monitoring
SolentThe Solent Waders and Brent Goose StrategyHants and Wight Wildlife TrustUpdated 2017.
Solent Solent Waders and Brent Goose Strategy: Guidance on Mitigation and Off-setting RequirementsHants and Wight Wildlife TrustPublished 2018.
Isle of WightThe collation of bird use data from Ryde Sands SSSI (and the equivalent parts of the SPA and Ramsar) for nine selected wintering speciesIsle of Wight CouncilPublished 2012.
UKUK List of Special Protection Areas (SPA), including the SolentJNCC
UKSeabird Monitoring ProgrammeJNCCOngoing.
UKDisplacement and habituation of seabirds in response to marine activities (MMO 1139)Marine Management OrganisationPublished 2018
EnglandIncreasing the Resilience of the UK’s Special Protection Areas to Climate Change (NECR202)Natural EnglandPublished 2016.
UKRSPB Sustainable Shores ProjectRSPBOngoing campaign.
UKRSPB Guide to Gulls and TernsRSPBOngoing
UKNaturally, at your service: Why it pays to invest in natureRSPBPublished 2017.
UKThe state of UK’s birds 2017 reportRSPBPublished Dec 2017.
Solent Solent Disturbance & Mitigation Project: Phase III, Mitigation ReportSolent ForumComplete 2013.
SolentSolent Disturbance and Mitigation Project: Phase I reportSolent ForumComplete.
Solent Paddlesport Guidelines to Avoid Bird Disturbance in Solent European Marine SitesSolent ForumPublished 2016.
SolentSolent Disturbance and Mitigation Project Phase II: Predicting the impact of human disturbance on overwintering birds in the SolentSolent Forum2012
Solent Solent Recreation Mitigation StrategySolent Recreation Mitigation PartnershipPublished Dec 2017
Solent Bird Aware SolentSolent Recreation Mitigation PartnershipOnline web resource.