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Posted 24/11/2021 11:36

We have commenced work on a new project - Solent Plastics Pollution hub, join us on Facebook.

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Solent Forum - 23/03/2022

Posted 13/09/2019 10:12

The Spring 2022 meeting of the Solent Forum will take place on 23 September 2022 in Southampton. It will commence at 10am.

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Natural Environment Group - 27 April 2022

Posted 27/04/2021 12:19

The Natural Environment Group will next meet on 27 April 2022.

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SEMS Management Group - 21/9/2022

Posted 13/09/2019 10:13

The SEMS Management Group will meet on 21st September 2022 via an online meeting platform.

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Solent Forum Working Arrangements in response to COVID-19

Posted 26/03/2020 13:10

Forum staff will continue to maintain the Forum’s core service with staff working from home. We can contact members by telephone or Microsoft Teams video conferencing.

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Opportunities Workshops

Posted 15/11/2018 14:15

On request from its members, the Solent Forum runs workshops on coastal strategic issues. The most recent one was held in November 2018, looking at coastal funding streams. Forum members who may like to make use of this service, please contact the Forum Office with your request.

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