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Final Project Outputs

Introduction to the Project

The CCATCH team worked closely with the established Yarmouth Coastal Defence Working Group (YCDWG) on issues and solutions to the threat of flooding. In 2010, YCDWG produced a report entitled ‘Adapting to coastal flooding in the Yarmouth area in 21st century’. A summary leaflet of the report was distributed to 5,500 homes.

Issues to Address

Community Liaison and Events

The Flood Visualisation Model

A flood visualisation model was produced that shows the possible flooding that could occur under a range of scenarios:

  1. Scenario 1 was designed to show that the modelling and visualisation could replicate the distribution of sea water on the frequently seen rise and fall of a normal spring tide.
  2. Scenario 2 was the storm surge and flood of 10 March 2008, which prompted interest in coastal flooding in the town.
  3. Scenario 3 showed Scenario 2 with a 0.3m Sea Level Rise estimate put on top, which may be expected by 2050. This is based on conservative government estimates.

Yarmouth Primary School Learning all about Flooding

Yarmouth Primary School Sea Squeeze Project

Natural Enterprise and artist Ecclestone George, worked with 23 children (under 7 year olds) at Yarmouth Primary School and their teacher on an art project to encourage the children to think more about climate change and sea level rise. They produced 3d artwork which was placed in intertidal areas to demonstrate sea squeeze.

report evaluating the work is available to download.

Website Resource and Historical Flood Marker

A legacy project website has been established which shows all of the work undertaken, including a link to the flood visualisation model. In March 2014 a flood marker will be installed to show where flooding has occurred in Yarmouth in the past, as well as possible future flood risk to the town.

Adaptation Plan

The final output of the project is an Adaptation Plan for Yarmouth, which outlines some proposed solutions to achieve the community’s long term vision for the town in the short, mid and long terms.

Key Lessons Learnt

Taking the project forward

A community Adaptation Plan has been produced which includes a vision and proposed actions for the short to long term. The Yarmouth Coastal Defence Working Group will lead on the actions of the Adaptation Plan. They meet regularly to discuss flood defence options and funding. The Yarmouth Harbour Master acts as the contact point for the group.