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SWQA Award

Solent Bathing Water Quality Awards

The Solent Bathing Water Quality Award Scheme (SBWQA), is administered by the Solent Forum on behalf of the Solent Water Quality Group, it provides a simple and readily understood indicator of water quality at bathing beaches.

Long Term Water Quality Monitoring

The Award is based on long term water quality monitoring over the previous bathing season on a minimum of 16 samples. Please see our scheme details and results page for more information on individual beaches.

All beaches regularly used for bathing (private or Local Authority managed), non-designated as well as designated, can apply for an award under the scheme. Please contact the Solent Forum if you manage a beach or water body and would like to apply for an award, and we will include you in the next round of applications. See the SBWQA Guidelines for more detailed information on the scheme.

Short Term Pollution Events

Solent Beachbuoy Locations
Solent Beachbuoy Locations
Solent Beachbuoy Locations
Solent Beachbuoy Locations

Please be aware of sewage overflows causing a short term pollution event. These can occur at any time especially if there has been heavy rain in the last 72 hours.

These events may result in water quality contaminated by faecal matter. The Southern Water Beachbuoy site shows if any local sewage overflow sites have recently spilled.

There are a number of different initiatives that will help you find out more about short term pollution events:

You can report a pollution incident to the EA 24-hour incident hotline: Telephone: 0800 80 70 60.