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National Evidence Gaps/Research Needs/Information Requirements

Discussions with Solent stakeholders identified areas where further information is needed on both marine invasive species and biosecurity pathway measures to facilitate local action. We have created a national actions page to address this to set out what additional information and resources those working on the coast would like to see to help them to implement local biosecurity actions. We envisage this page being helpful to national bodies with a remit to address marine invasives and academic institutions to guide them in their research work and give ideas for student projects.

Primarily Ficopomatus enigmaticus and diadumene lineata on a fender in a marina
Ficopomatus enigmaticus and diadumene lineata
on a fender in a marina.
© Jess Taylor, Natural England

1. Create a role description for a marine biosecurity lead and a short online e-learning module to explain their role

2. Create an online template for a biosecurity log book

3. Publicise and keep in print the free MBA ‘Identification Guide for Selected Marine Non Native Species’

4. Create/adapt a citizen science APP where people can undertake a simple species scan to identify them and report if they are found to be a marine invasive

5. Set up/adapt an existing social media account to report on marine invasive sightings around the country and any new best practice published

6. Provide standard copy to insert in contractor and supplier specifications on marine biosecurity measures

7. Produce a standard biosecurity plan template for people to use when submitting a Marine Licence where this is needed as a condition.

8. Guidance needed:

9. Develop (or add to an existing system) biosecurity accreditation to help marine operators select suppliers and contractors that carry out best practice

10. Provide online e-learning modules on best practice marine biosecurity measures, e.g. pressure washing, settlement panels

11. Produce a map of areas in the world that international ports should be most concerned about when ships arrive in terms of marine invasives being able to survive and colonise in the Solent

12. Create web resources for best biosecurity practice for undertaking habitat and species restoration

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