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Solent Science Conference Proceedings

The proceedings from the hugely successful Solent Science Conference held at the Southampton Oceanography Centre in 1998 were published by Elsevier Science. The proceedings have been issued as the first in a line of related titles as:

Solent Science - A Review: Proceedings in Marine Science 1

Editors: Professor Michael Collins (Southampton Oceanography Centre) & Kate Ansell (Solent Forum)

The proceedings are available for purchase from Elsevier Science. ISBN 0-444-50465-6.

The 385 page hardback publication contains all of the papers from the conference along with findings of the workshops. Aspects of the Solent covered include:

The conference provided a sound basis to determine a research agenda for the Solent. Sound science is a vital contributor to the 'evidence-based' approach to managing and planning for the future of the Solent. Publication of the proceedings allows wide ranging distribution of the presentations and findings and establishes the conference as a landmark event in progressing our understanding of this heavily utilised yet naturally rich region on the south coast of England.

In addition to the Solent Science proceedings two other titles are available from Elsevier under the Proceedings in Marine Science banner: