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Coastal Consents Guide

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The Solent Forum's Coastal Consents Guides purpose is to give those who wish to undertake coastal works and development an overall view of what consents they need to apply for and the considerations that should be taken into account both before and during the application process.

The Guide has no legal basis and the Solent Forum takes no responsibility for any actions taken in response to its content; it is an applicants responsibility to ensure they have the correct consents in place before undertaking work. Queries should be directed to the consenting authority.

To use the Guide effectively, please use all the seven sections listed below.  It is important to use all of the sections, even if your development is small scale, to get the best possible understanding of how to obtain the necessary consents in the most timely and cost efficient manner.  

The SCOPAC Research Fund match funded the preparation of this Guide. The Solent Forum staff update the content as part of their core member service.

Guide Content

  1. Use the works and development matrix to identify what consents your development or activity may require.
  2. Go to the consent details page to see in more detail how to apply for the consent and to obtain further information.
  3. View the assessment and permits page to identify what assessments or permits you may require to support you application.
  4. View what designations your site may be covered by and what these mean for the gaining of consents.
  5. Use the marine and land use planning pages to view what plans apply to your location and the implications for development or works.
  6. Read the 'other considerations' page to see what other factors you need to take into account when planning your works or development and applying for consents.
  7. Use the consents directory  to find contact addresses and other sources of useful information.

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