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The Solent Forum

Solent Forum - What we do

The Solent Forum was established in December 1992, in order to develop a greater understanding among the authorities and agencies involved in planning and management in the Solent area, and to assist and influence them in carrying out their functions. The Forum has been set up to consider and provide advice on strategic issues which have implications for a wide area. The Forum does not have any executive powers and its members have no voting rights. As far as possible the Forum we operate on an ‘equal partners’ basis.


The Solent Forum provides:

  1. Strategic advice on matters that affect the Solent.
  2. Information on changes in the operating environment that will affect your work.
  3. Awareness and understanding of other stakeholders' roles, responsibilities and aspirations and of the Solent's resources and associated management issues.
  4. Networking opportunities of all kinds and at all levels.

It does this by:

View the Forum's Business Plan for greater detail on its work and our infographic for a quick summary.


As a long established and recognised coastal partnership with a neutral status the Solent Forum is well placed to provide a platform for cross-sectoral communication and to facilitate partnership working. Our stakeholder database contains more than 1,600 people with an interest in our coastal zone made up of a wide variety of organisations and as such can reach the stakeholders who you are wishing to engage.

We can:


The area covered by the Forum is the whole of the Solent, including the Hampshire coast and north coast of the Isle of Wight, Southampton Water and the three main harbours - Portsmouth, Langstone and Chichester. The eastern limit is a line between the eastern tip of the Isle of Wight and Selsey Bill. No inland boundary is defined, as it will vary according to the nature and importance of the issue under consideration and some matters will have more far reaching inland effects than others.


The Solent Forum meets twice a year and at such other times as deemed necessary. Meetings are held at Southampton, Portsmouth and Cowes in rotation.


Forum members are professional bodies such as local government, harbour authorities, industry, user groups, trade associations and NGO's. The Forum is not open to individuals, local residents associations or issue specific lobby groups. For more information on membership see our joining page.