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Championing Coastal Coordination

The Championing Coastal Coordination (3Cs) project is an Environment Agency led project with support from Natural England, the Marine Management Organisation and the Association of Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authorities. It is a collaboration seeking to explore how to enhance and progress coordination for coastal sustainability and resilience in England. In September 2021, the 3Cs project team put out a call for Expressions of Interest for bids for a funding pot of £750,000. The project will run from December 2021 to March 2022.

The Coastal Partnership Network (CPN) made a successful bid for a project that showcases and connects national and regional coastal, catchment and marine networks and stakeholders. It will bring together the extensive experience of the partnership approach championed by Coastal Partnerships (CPs) for over 30 years through the Coastal Partnerships Network (CPN). It will showcase and connect national and regional coastal, catchment and marine networks and stakeholders to co-design a flexible and enabling national framework to build the business case for future investment in the partnership approach across and along the coast. This will be supported and underpinned by a suite of regional and local projects evidencing their value and benefits across multiple socio-economic and environmental strategies when investment is made in the CP approach.

Coastal Partnerships in the South: Strengthening relationships to maximise socio economic and environmental outcomes

One of the successful regional projects, that is a component of the overall national CPN bid, is for the South region; the Solent Forum will lead this work jointly with the Dorset Coast Forum and the Isle of Wight estuaries. The geographical area includes the Dorset, Hampshire, part of West Sussex and the Isle of Wight coasts. How we work with our colleagues in the feeder river catchments will also be built into the work to take a wholescape approach to the water environment.

South Coast Project Summary

Coastal Management in England is fragmented, and non-statutory organisations fill the vacuum to integrate vertically across regions (nationally, regionally and locally) and horizontally between sectors. Coastal Partnerships and the Coastal Partnership Network (on a voluntary basis) in England do an excellent job of integrating this management, however there is much that can be improved.

This project will demonstrate how Coastal Partnerships in the south already work successfully with their communities and other partnerships and organisations in their regions as part of the overall national Coastal partnerships network. It will also identify how these relationships and capacity can be improved to develop resilience for the future.

The aim of the project is to: summarise and evaluate the work of South regional partnerships within a national context and recommend how this can be strengthened in in the future.

The project will provide a digital handbook of case studies on how the Coastal Partnerships in the south work with local partnerships, organisations, and community groups in the Solent, Dorset and the Isle of Wight and wider regional partnerships, such as the Southern Coastal Group, to strengthen partnership working and environmental outcomes and build resilience to climate change. It will include an analysis of the value to partners and how collaboration is achieved, case study themes are:

The project will also:

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