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Coastal Consents Guide Edition 4

Scoping Paper, May 2011

This page reviews in detail exactly how the Solent Forum will update its Marine Consents Guide that was last published in 2007. With the introduction of marine planning, new marine licensing procedures and changes to the land use planning system, Solent Forum members have identified a need for a new comprehensive guide to undertaking coastal development. This update has been agreed by and will be overseen by the Forum's steering group.

A small group of Forum members have also volunteered assistance in the preparation of this Guide. They include Marina Projects Ltd, ABP, Environment Agency, Isle of Wight Council, Crown Estate, River Hamble Harbour Authority and New Forest District Council. The MMO will also be involved.

Proposed Scope of the Document

  1. The target audience for this Guide is primarily small marine businesses and organisations wishing to undertake capital or ongoing coastal development and activities.
  2. This Guide will look at activities and development that take place in the coastal zone out to 12 nautical miles to sea. Therefore it will encompass both land and marine planning and the marine licencing systems.
  3. The project output will be an online resource as a new directory of the Solent Forum's website.
  4. It will be developed as a signposting service, informing users about the issues that need to be considered when undertaking development and linking them to the information that they need.
  5. It will be prepared by the Solent Forum.
  6. On completion we will produce a summary flyer for distribution and publicise it via Solent News, our monthly e-newsletter and present it at a Forum meeting.

Site Content

The Guide will be developed in the following sections. Each section will form a separate directory within an overall 'coastal consents directory' on the Solent Forum's website.

Section 1: Consents Required for Coastal Development and Works

Section 1 will be a table that illustrates the consents that are required to undertake the activities listed below.

Section 2: Consent Details

Section 2 will give details of the following consents, illustrating what they are applicable for, the application and consenting process, who is the consenting authority and statutory consultees.

Section 3: Marine and Land Use Plans

This section will review marine and land use plans, their assessments and their relevance to coastal activities and development.
  1. Marine Plans
  2. Statutory Land Use Plans
  3. Shoreline Management Plans
  4. Non-statutory plans, e.g. Heritage coast, AONB, River Basin Management Plans

Section 4: Assessments

Section 4 will give background information and links on the considerations that developers need to take when organising and obtaining the necessary background material and assessments to support their application.

Section 5: Designations

Section 5 will look at how designations affect the application process and potential outcome.

Section 6: Other Considerations

Section 7: Directories

Section 7 will contain a directory of all the relevant organisations both local and national with links. We will also link to key policy documents and other sources of information.


The Forum welcomes external sponsorship for such publications to assist with the payment of staff time. As the output will be an online resource built into an existing website this cost will be minimal and will be met by the Solent Forum. Please contact Karen McHugh, Solent Forum Manager, if you can provide sponsorship or other financial support.

Further Information

For further information or queries please email Kate Ansell at the Solent Forum Office at


This publication is being prepared with funding from The Crown Estate’s marine stewardship programme.