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Current Work

Every year the Solent Forum Steering Group agree the annual work programme for the Solent Forum Officers. The work undertaken is dependent upon both staff time and financial resources. There is currently one full time Solent Forum Manager and two part time Solent Forum Officers who share the project workload. From time to time we also take on student placements who assist us with specific deliverables.

The Forum's work programme consists of core services and their development and project work when funding allows.  Progress made is reported in the Forum's Annual report which is produced in March each year.  This sets out what has been achieved in the last financial year and the work programme for the forthcoming year.

The table below illustrates our proposed 14/15 project programme.  Contact the Forum Office for further details on these projects.

2014/15 Project Work

Assessing Bird Disturbance from Hovercraft and Paramotors
A student will conduct a literature review on the subject. Actions will be recommended to be taken forward by a project group. Project actions will be taken forward in 2014/15.

Assessing Bird Disturbance from Canoeing and Kayaking

A literature review looking at this issue has taken place. There is now a need for a project group to take forward the identified actions. Project actions will be taken forward in 2014/15.

Southern Marine Planning Support The aim of marine planning is to ensure a sustainable future for our coastal and offshore waters through managing and balancing the many activities, resources and assets in our marine environment.The Form will be working with the MMO throughout the planning process to providestakeholder engagement services to support plan development.
Organising and Facilitating Workshops  The Forum organises and facilitates topical workshops on behalf of its members. Pre-consultation work is planned for summer 2014 on the proposals for Marine Conservation Zones around the Solent. 
Solent European Marine 
Sites (SEMS)
The statutory SEMS Management Scheme was set up in November 2000 to develop a strategy and action plan to protect the internationally important habitats and species in the Solent. The Management Scheme is reviewed every five years; the last review was in 2010-11.The 2013/14 monitoring period continued to flag up a number of issues, including disturbance which may be caused by novel recreational craft. Annual monitoring will be repeated online in 2014/15 and reported to the SEMS Management Group and the Strategic Stakeholders Group.
Solent Fishers Project   The Forum will be working with the Blue Marine Foundation to develop a project to support fishers to continue their livelihoods in the Solent.The project proposals will be worked out during Spring 2014.
 CCATCH the Solent   The Forum will continue to facilitate dialogue with the communities that were part of the CCATCH the Solent project. It will continue to support Southampton City Council’s Belsize Flood Resilience project.